Common sense about the quality of a good raincoat

Column:Industry dynamic Time:2018-05-31

When buying a raincoat, many people will choose a good one. A, material identification: if reworked material, have peculiar smell, rubber and cloth, rubber suffused with white, when using corrugate, off work: if the poor equipment, garment stitch is too large, needle seam height not consistent, the seal is unqualified, extremely easy ooze water. 3. Planning style: first, consider the practical effect of rain prevention and wear comfort, and second, exquisite, beautiful and generous. 4. Air permeability: if it is to prevent rain, seal it over the human body, and the heat in the body cannot be discharged. It is cold outside and hot inside, forming water and infiltrating the lining of the raincoat.

By material composition

Oilcloth raincoat: sewn from oilcloth (a fabric coated with tung or ethereal oil). Oilcloth was invented in the eastern han dynasty of China, and raincoats of oilcloth were used in the sui dynasty, which continued until the 1950s. Oilcloth raincoat due to rough, hard quality, folding and other defects, has been gradually screened. Plywood raincoat: made by sewing or gluing together with plywood (rubberized fabric exterior). Rubber cloth raincoat has good elasticity, insulation and folding resistance, and is widely used as a labor protection for wind and rain protection.

Plastic film raincoat: made from plastic film (polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene). This kind of raincoat has the advantages of simplicity, simplicity, softness, variety of design and color and low price, so it has been widely used since the 1960s. A poncho raincoat (called poncho) for cyclists is widely used because of its reasonable planning and convenient wearing.

Raincoat: made from waterproof or oil-repellent weather cloth. Oil repellent cloth is also water-repellent and has excellent air permeability. It is suitable for high grade raincoats. There are many kinds of rainproof cloth, such as rainproof pure cotton khaki, rainproof polyester cotton poplin, rainproof polyester silk and so on. The raincoat of waterproof cloth makes popular coat style more, one garment is multipurpose, sunshine, rain all appropriate wear.